In Europe, PAX works with local partners on inter-group dialogue, strengthening local governance, and memorialization. In all programmes, we combine community work with lobby and advocacy. We work in the following countries: Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (with a focus on Srebrenica) and Ukraine. We also have a European-wide programme, to advocate for positive, inclusive peace within Europe.


A culture of dialogue and constructive engagement in Ukraine

The project served the need to create a culture, skills and structures of dialogue and reconciliation on the road to a durable transformation of the Ukrainian society and political systems.
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Eastern Ukraine State Building and Accountability (EUSTAB)

The project aims to foster stability in Eastern Ukraine from the bottom up through legitimate and responsive governance and inclusive political and public participation processes at the local level.
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Dialogue for Conflict Resolution in Ukraine

In June 2019, PAX and partner organization Ukrainian Centre for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Reconciliation 'Dignity Space' started the project 'Dialogue for Conflict resolution'. This is a continuation of the project 'Culture of dialogue and constructive engagement in Ukraine'. Both projects build and anchor capacity for dialogue in the Ukrainian society and (political) systems.
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Faith in religious pluralism in Ukraine

Overall objective of the activities

Freedom of religion in Ukraine is upheld in a peaceful way, rights of religious minorities are upheld and safeguarded, and mutual understanding and non-violent dialogue between communities of different religious denominations is increased in the context of the recognition of an autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine.
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Youth Peace Tour Ukraine 2018. Photo Tilia Maas Geesteranus

Youth Peace Tour Ukraine

Together with fifteen youth leaders we travelled through Ukraine and reflected on political and personal development. The tour was aimed towards skills development to make a change in society based on respect for diversity.
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Creative Cooperation for Resilient Communities in Donbas

PAX has gained a lot of experience working in countries dealing with non- or partly recognized entities (Georgia, Moldova and Kosovo). Through inclusive community-building, creation of expert networks, policy advice and analytical work, lessons learnt from other conflict areas in Eastern Europe can contribute to a policy dialogue between different actors within Ukraine (local and national government, civil society and academia) and international actors (civil society and politicians from other conflict areas, OSCE, EU) leading to the development of adequate, effective and inclusive policy and practical mechanisms of dealing with and engaging the non-government controlled areas (NGCA) in the east of Ukraine.
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Gender Pilot Ukraine 2018

In 2017, PAX’s Gender, Peace and Security (GPS) team established a Gender Pilot Fund to encourage PAX country programmes to implement actions that underpin, boost, and further develop PAX’s focus on gender. The aim was to generate lessons and insights to deepen conceptual and practical awareness of gender-related issues across the organisation and to increase the gender-sensitivity of the different programmes.
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Street view in Mitrovica. Photo Pieter Jan Baas


PAX works with local civil society to bring citizens together to address challenges of common interest such as poor governance, a weak rule of law and the unresolved legacy of violent conflict.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina (Srebrenica)

PAX supports the survivors of the Srebrenica massacre and the next of kin of those who perished. It supports their campaigns for truth and justice, joins in the annual commemoration in Srebrenica and supports were useful dialogue between former Dutch battalion members and Srebrenica survivors and widows, to increase feelings of recognition, foster mutual understanding and to help to deal with traumas on all sides. The Srebrenica Memorial Center is an important partner in all this work.

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Inclusive Memorialization

During the last few years PAX has focused on memorialization and shared narratives in the Western Balkans (Kosovo, Serbia, BiH and Croatia). Inclusive Memory Initiatives are increasingly important for the Western Balkans, as they directly challenge the dominant ethno-nationalist narratives that the political elites continue to promote. 

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Europe as a Peace Project

The search for a truly citizen-centered Europe can only be a joint effort of many: the EU bodies, the EU member states, but also civil society organisations, local governments and local citizens’ initiatives can and must contribute.

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Wij werken in de volgende landen:

Western Balkans

PAX has been active in the Western Balkans since the mid-1980’s, when peace and human rights activists from Yugoslavia reached out with alarming reports about the rise of ethnic nationalism. Even though the wars of the 90s now lie more than 20 years behind us, in most countries the dominant ethno-nationalist narratives of the parties in power have not fundamentally changed. 

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The Netherlands

PAX works on peace in the Netherlands too. Together with local organisations and passionate volunteers, PAX works on obtaining an inclusive society that is based on solidarity. Also, we get Dutch citizens involved in our international work in conflict areas via campaigns.

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From 2014 onwards, PAX has been following closely as events unfolded in Ukraine. During two scoping missions, PAX spoke to over 60 interlocutors from civil society, local authorities and administrations, and churches. The network expanded and since 2015 PAX officially started its Ukraine program.

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