Working Towards Peace and Recovery for Ukraine with Giro555

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Thanks to Giro555 and all the people who support us with donations, PAX empowers Ukrainian partners, including Peace Engineers and religious leaders, to assist those affected by the war: displaced individuals, residents in occupied or devastated areas, activists, volunteers, and local authorities. 

Here’s what we do 

Peace Engineers 

The Peace Engineers provide a listening ear, help resolve conflicts, de-escalate tense situations, provide ‘first aid’ for stress and trauma, and deliver targeted, small-scale humanitarian aid. Peace Engineers are Ukrainians who have been trained by PAX and our local partner, Dignity Space, in nonviolent communication, mediation, negotiation, and facilitating dialogues. By acquiring three vans, they can reach remote locations, such as villages affected by Russian occupation or those hosting many refugees. Over 11,000 people have received support in this manner. Dignity Space also trains social workers, healthcare professionals, and law enforcement personnel in handling trauma and tensions. 

Support for Religious Communities 

In collaboration with the Institute for Religious Freedom, we support religious organizations and local leaders in providing both material and spiritual assistance, along with legal support, to their communities. Our partner documents violence against religious communities and raises awareness nationally and internationally, advocating for better support and protection. We also bring representatives of different faiths together to exchange ideas and collaborate with the Ukrainian government to adapt policies, enabling religious leaders to more effectively support their communities. 

Assessing Environmental Damage 

In cooperation with Ukrainian and international organizations, PAX conducts research on the damage caused by the war, with a particular focus on environmental risks, energy, and drinking water. We share this information so that citizens, aid workers, and policymakers are informed, allowing for appropriate (international) measures to be taken. 

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Comprehensive Reconstruction 

We assess what is currently needed, for example, in villages in the Kherson province that were occupied by the Russian army until recently. We work with partners to understand what is required following liberation. With support of PAX the Ukrainian Assocation for Middle Eastern Studies (AMES) drew on experiences of working in liberated areas and developed The “Road map” for de-ocupied communities.

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