Countries and regions

PAX works as a Dutch peace organization towards peace in (post-)conflict areas. We work together with peace activists in conflict areas and try to build bridges between rivaling groups. We call for public attention to be paid, in the Netherlands and international politics, to situations of conflict in this world. 


The Netherlands

PAX works on peace in the Netherlands too. Together with local organisations and passionate volunteers, PAX works on obtaining an inclusive society that is based on solidarity. Also, we get Dutch citizens involved in our international work in conflict areas via campaigns.

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In Europe, PAX works with local partners on inter-group dialogue, strengthening local governance, and memorialization. In all programmes, we combine community work with lobby and advocacy. We work in the following countries: Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (with a focus on Srebrenica) and Ukraine. We also have a European-wide programme, to advocate for positive, inclusive peace within Europe.

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In Africa, peace organisation PAX works in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and the borderlands with Uganda and Kenya. Our programmes in Africa focus on encouraging dialogue between ethnic groups, and between citizens and their governments.

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In Colombia, PAX is working on peace and security. We also advocate for the democratic participation of citizens from all layers of society in decision-making on issues that affect their lives, such as the introduction of large-scale development projects.

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Middle East

PAX has been working in the Middle East since the 1990s. Since 2000, its focus has been on local civil society and individual activists who can play a role in social and political changes in the region.
We concentrate on augmenting trust and normalising relations. We work on society's structure and build peace within and between societies to create a new political climate.

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