PAX is the largest peace organization in the Netherlands

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PAX is the largest peace organization in the Netherlands. PAX works to protect civilians against acts of war, to end armed violence and to build inclusive peace. We work in conflict areas worldwide, together with local partners and people who, just like us, believe that everyone has a right to a dignified life in a peaceful society.

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Russia and Ukraine have been in conflict ever since the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Late in February 2022, the conflict erupted again when Russia invaded Ukraine for no reason and under false pretences. Since then, big cities such as Kharkiv, Odessa and Kyiv have been under missile fire every day, causing thousands of deaths. The number of casualties is rising rapidly, with large-scale ground attacks on Kyiv and Kharkiv now expected. The destructive power of the arms used in this conflict is colossal. Should Russia use them without much restraint, tens of thousands of people will die, and Ukraine will be largely destroyed.

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The Lundin War Crimes Trial podcast series 

The Lundin War Crimes Trial podcast series reports on the Sweden’s mega trial against two executives of the Swedish oil company Lundin, who have been charged with complicity in war crimes in South Sudan from 1999 to 2003.

The trial is of great importance for the tens of thousands of survivors of the horror of Sudan’s oil war, and may also mark a milestone in the global trend towards effective accountability of corporations for contributions to gross injustices and violence. The episodes are also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

An introduction to the Civilian Protection Podcast

Every day, 100 civilians are killed in conflict and countless more are harmed, often without recognition, recourse, or justice. Yet their perspectives are repeatedly missing from the stories we tell about war and the way we think about war’s costs. 

The Civilian Protection Podcast, brought to you by CIVIC and PAX, shares the voices of people affected by war, the dangers they face, the choices they make, and what can be done to better protect them — because we believe it’s time to put them at the center of the discussion.

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