PAX handles personal data in accordance with the relevant legislation. Your data is and will remain yours. At your request, we will be glad to tell you what we know about you and why we need this information to be of service to you. Also upon request, we can destroy all the data we have from you. Our privacy statement indicates exactly what you can expect from us, and which rules we adhere to. You can find our cookie policy here.

Rights of Publicity

PAX illustrates its work with photographs. When selecting photos, we take the rights of publicity into account. We make sure that we do not damage the interest or reputation of the person portrayed. When in doubt, we ask permission prior to publication. If you are featured in a photograph and you have objections, please let us know at


When you visit, we use cookies to collect anonymous information about your visit. No personal information that can identify you as an individual is collected in this process. You can find our cookie policy here.

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