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The Civilian Protection Podcast

Every day, 100 civilians are killed in conflict and countless more are harmed, often without recognition, recourse, or justice. Yet their perspectives are repeatedly missing from the stories we tell about war and the way we think about war’s costs. 

The Civilian Protection Podcast, brought to you by CIVIC and PAX, shares the voices of people affected by war, the dangers they face, the choices they make, and what can be done to better protect them -- because we believe it’s time to put them at the center of the discussion.

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The first episode of the Civilian Protection Podast will be launched on June 29, 2021. Follow the Protection Podcast on Twitter and Instagram.

Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) envisions a world in which no civilian is harmed in conflict. We support communities affected by conflict in their quest for protection and strengthen the resolve and capacity of armed actors to prevent and respond to civilian harm.

PAX works to protect civilians living in conflict. Our purpose is to reduce civilian harm, end armed violence and build sustainable peace around the world. To achieve this, we work closely with civil society and authorities at local and international levels to put civilian perspectives first.

More about Protection of Civilians.

The Civilian Protection Podcast - Episodes


Episode 1: More than numbers

In 2014, ISIS, also known as Daesh, seized the city of Mosul, Iraq, and a battle involving ISIS, American-led coalition forces, and national Iraqi forces ensued. It was then that Iraqi historian Omar Mohammed began to document cases of civilian harm on his anonymous blog, Mosul Eye, risking his life to ensure history would remember their names.

Bonus materials: Go to www.protectionofcivilians.org to download the full interview with Omar Mohammed from Mosul Eye and find out more about his work.

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Trailer: An introduction to the Civilian Protection Podcast

Hosts Annie Shiel, Senior Advisor for US Policy and Advocacy at CIVIC, and Marc Garlasco, Military Advisor at PAX, introduce the Civilian Protection Podcast. This podcast, brought to you by CIVIC and PAX, shares the voices of people affected by war, the dangers they face, the choices they make, and what can be done to better protect them — because we believe it’s time to put them at the center of the discussion.

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PAX Palestine Podcast

In Palestine, PAX supports local partners in building resilient communities, promoting security and equality in the political, cultural and social spheres, and in combating injustice resulting from the long occupation. In the PAX Palestine Podcast you can listen to interviews with our local Palestinian partners. In three episodes, we tune in with several partners of PAX, like the World Council of Churches, YMCA East Jerusalem and many other organisations, who tell you all about their experiences and work in Palestine.

PAX Palestine Podcast - Episodes


Episode 1 - EAPPI

Solidarity with the oppressed and walking shoulder to shoulder with them - this is the essence of EAPPI (Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel). After a call for help from Palestinian Christian leaders in 2002, EAPPI was founded by the World Council of Churches. EAPPI forms a continuous presence of Ecumenical Accompaniers who observe and report human rights violations in East-Jerusalem and the West Bank and support and protect Palestinians who suffer from occupation, oppression and marginalization every day.

Our host Kristel speaks with Jack Munayer, Coördinator of EAPPI, and Annelies, who has worked as an Accompanier in the West Bank herself. Can the presence of Accompaniers lead to structural change? What is it like to accompany children to school, who would otherwise be intimidated by soldiers? And how do you keep motivated in the midst of injustice and powerlessness? These and many more questions are discussed in the first episode of the PAX Palestine Podcast.



Episode 2 - Elections en Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy

“Don’t talk politics”. In Palestine, political engagement among youth is not stimulated and even discouraged. The Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy wants to change this. Because how can new generations make a change without any political awareness or engagement?

In the second episode, Kristel is joined by Naseef Muallem and Ikram Zubaydi, who talk about the work of PCPD, youth participation and elections in Palestine. They want young Palestinians to express their interests, wishes and worries. Young Palestinian generations face a lot of obstacles, like economic instability, persistent patriarchal structures and continuous occupation. In order to realize positive changes for a better tomorrow, or rather a better today, their voices need to be heard. Tune in for our second episode to hear how the PCPD wants to get this done. 



Episode 3 - Resilience in the South-Hebron Hills with Danish Church Aid and YMCA

“Teach a man how to fish, and you will feed him for a lifetime”. No, says George Zeidan from Danish Church Aid (DCA). Palestinians know very well how to fish. What we need to do, is enable them to fish. Creating resilience and empowerment and fighting inequality. Those are the two crucial goals of DCA and the East Jerusalem YMCA in Palestine. Working on these issues is badly needed, especially in the South Hebron Hills. In this area, which falls under full Israeli military control, Palestinians don’t have anything to say about what happens on their land and in their villages, and access to the most basic facilities is denied.

DCA and the YMCA want to make a change. In the third and final episode of the PAX Palestine Podcast, George and May tell us how their organisations return empowerment and resilience to the Palestinian communities in the South Hebron Hills. Because would know better which changes are needed, than the communities themselves?




The day after the revolution

"It's never: one day you have a dictator and the next day you have peace. What to do, the day after the revolution?"

Ten years ago, the ‘Arab Spring’ began in the Middle East and North Africa. A title full of hope. From Tunisia a revolutionary wind blew through many countries. The protests pushed through repressive regimes, corruption and abuse of power.

In this podcast, listen to three stories by Peshmerge, Lubna and Abdulazez who took to the streets in Syria at the risk of their own lives. Can you hear their call for freedom, even ten years later? 'The day after the revolution' is a podcast production made by Audio Collective Anomalie, i.c.w. PAX and The Great Middle East Platform.

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