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PAX has been working in the Middle East since the 1990s. Since 2000, its focus has been on local civil society and individual activists who can play a role in social and political changes in the region.
We concentrate on augmenting trust and normalising relations. We work on society's structure and build peace within and between societies to create a new political climate.

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Energizing Reform: Engaging citizens in national legislative processes in Iraq

Energizing Reform is a project implemented by IIHLR, Ceasefire, PAX and PFO to make citizens voices heard in Baghdad and Erbil. Project runtime: 2020 – 2021

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Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI)

The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) guarantees the protective presence of international observers in fragile communities on the West Bank including East Jerusalem. Monitoring developments in the occupied territories and reporting human rights violations brings extra protection. Key principles of the programme are: nonviolence, monitoring of human rights violations, protective presence, standing with local peace and human rights groups, advocacy, and principled impartiality.


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Musawat: Engaging Youth from Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon on Freedom of Religion and Belief

Musawat is a regional project implemented by PAX and partners in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. 

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Israel and Palestine

PAX has worked in Israel and Palestine since the late 1990s. Therefore, PAX has a strong network among Israeli and Palestinian activists and organisations that share the same goals: the protection of human rights, an end to the occupation of the territories that Israel has held since 1967, and a viable and just peace in the region grounded in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights Law (IHRL). PAX supports local partners in building resilient communities, promoting human security and equality in the political, cultural and social domain, and in fighting the injustices resulting from the protracted occupation.
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The Activist Hive

The Activist Hive brings together knowledge and experiences of activists from different parts of the world who are working for peaceful and just societies. We developed several tools to empower activists and strengthen their capacities in strategy development, effective action and storytelling.
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The PAX programme in Iraq aims to address root causes and patterns of conflict, with a particular focus on the lack of inclusive governance, the lack of inclusive transitional justice and the lack of inclusive human security. Cooperating closely with local civil society and peace-activists, PAX implements projects that seek to build trust between and within communities, facilitate dialogue between policy makers and citizens, promote inclusive citizenship, and enhance gender-sensitivity in the security sector.
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In Lebanon, peace organisation PAX works with local partners on projects focussed on human rights and conflict resolution and on initiatives to mobilize young people for peace and direct peaceful action. Our partners lobby the Lebanese government to change laws and to respect human rights and activate young people for culture and peaceful activism. For instance, they call on the government to repeal legislation on different religious groups and to give Palestinian refugees more rights. On a grassroots level we work on building capacities of local young people from different backgrounds to use culture as a means to deal with violence, war and hatred.
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Peace organisation PAX supports the struggle of peaceful activists in Syria to create a democratic Syria in which Syrians of all religious and ethnic backgrounds can live in peace and equality.
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Training Human Security Survey in Iraq

Human Security Survey Iraq

The Human Security Survey (HSS) is a survey methodology developed by PAX which includes a series of complementary activities, including population-based research, community engagement, and advocacy.
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A woman filming as part of the Empowering women and challenging gender norms programme in Palestine

Empowering women and challenging gender norms in Palestine

An important (and challenging) part of peacebuilding work - alongside conflict resolution, political dialogue, inclusive participation and so forth – is behavioural change. Influencing harmful and entrenched ideas, beliefs and attitudes takes time and requires innovative approaches. Engaging in the cultural sector, particularly film, can be an effective tool to do so.
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Addressing Gender Roles in South Lebanon using Mobile Cinema

Arts and culture can be an effective means to bring people together across sectarian divides. Establishing independent creative spaces in conflict or post-conflict settings is not an easy quest; it can be a highly political endeavour, and is often not prioritised in peacebuilding efforts. PAX has been working with Lebanese organisation Tiro Association for Arts in the south of Lebanon since 2015, supporting them to break through existing social divisions by bringing (young) people together from different backgrounds to re-activate culture and connect with one another.
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Women against Violence

In Iraq, peace organisation PAX gave special attention to women in an effort to increase community security. Through this programme, we worked with local partners on several projects. Our objective was to enable women to help organize their own and others’ safety. This programme took place from October 2013 until December 2016.
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Engendering the Transition to Peace and Security in Iraq

This programme aimed to contribute to structural changes in gender norms, laws and institutions and to promote equal rights and participation in Iraq; with a particular focus on SGBV. 

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