Mapping Inclusive Memory Initiatives in the Western Balkans

This report by PAX was written in an effort to better understand the actors and activities in inclusive memory projects in the Western Balkans, such as commemorations, exhibitions, theatre plays, online memorials, educational material and documentation projects of stories on the 1990s war in the Western Balkans.

The executive summary of this report is also available in Albanian and BCSM.

Inclusive Memory Initiatives are increasingly important for the Western Balkans, as they directly challenge the dominant ethno-nationalist narratives that the political elites continue to promote. The key characteristic of inclusive memory is the attention to narratives, histories, experiences and perspectives from multiple groups, not just one’s own. Their goal is to connect people, not to divide.

The report includes short descriptions of 45 initiatives and organisations that work on Inclusive Memorialization, and looks at the challenges organisations engaged in such initiatives encounter, as well as at the possibilities for cooperation and recommendations.

For more information contact Simone Remijnse, project lead Western Balkans,

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