Oil Extraction in South Sudan

Image: Oil processing in Unity State, South Sudan Photo Wikimedia / VOA

PAX works for justice and peace in South Sudan’s oil producing areas, we’ve been doing so since 2001. 

Oil has been a source of conflict and injustice in South Sudan since it was discovered in the late 1970s. It was a catalyst for Sudan’s civil war and the focal point of the last phase of the war, leading to tens of thousands of deaths, massive forced displacement, and serious environmental damages. 

The revenues it generated have been benefitting a militarized elite rather than the population at large, while victims of the oil war have been denied their right to remedy and reparation. The result is the continuation of deep rifts in society, poverty, and high levels of violence. 

PAX supports victims of the oil war to realise their right to remedy and reparation. In addition, we have been instrumental in realising an adequate regulatory framework for the oil industry. However, the law is not enforced and companies can do the wrong thing with impunity. It can be dangerous to advocate for change, but we continue to seek opportunities to make change happen.

Unpaid Debt

In response to the publication of the report Unpaid Debt, that PAX wrote for the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan, the Swedish public prosecutor opened a criminal investigation. In 2021, two executive managers of Lundin Energy are expected to be brought to trial for aiding and abetting war crimes. PAX is supporting victims of these crimes to achieve justice and rebuild their lives. We are also focussing on the global significance that the trial may have by ending forms of impunity of companies that are involved in or benefit from gross crimes.

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