The Kosovo Specialist Court and Transitional Justice

The Kosovo Specialist Court and Transitional Justice

April 21, 2021

Public perceptions on the KSC and the need for a comprehensive TJ approach

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This report provides a detailed description of the function and role of Kosovo Specialist Court since its establishment in 2015 until now. The main argument of this report is that the predominant focus on war crimes trials to deal with the violent past in Kosovo has done little to deal with the past at a societal level to progress as a peaceful, inclusive and forward looking society. 

There has been a lack of investment in other important aspects, such as: truth-seeking and documentation, commemoration, reparations and compensation, as well as recognition and support for all the victims and survivors of the conflict regardless of their identity and status. All these transitional justice dimensions need to be addressed in and by themselves to help Kosovan society move towards a more peaceful future. The report arguments that with its partial mandate, the KSC will not contribute much to this end, except for providing a measure of justice for victims of the prosecuted cases and potentially removing certain political leaders from the system.

It is high time for the Kosovo government and its international supporters to invest in a comprehensive approach to dealing with the past which responds inclusively to the needs of victims and the broader society. The report provides a set of recommendations to diverse stakeholders such as: The Kosovo Specialist Court, The Kosovo Government, The EU and Key International Stakeholders in Kosovo and to Civil Society in Kosovo.

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