Reigniting Ituri? Towards a reading of the 2018 Djugu violence

More than ten years after the end of the Ituri War in DRC, Ituri province is experiencing renewed violence that started early 2018, with a spate of mysterious attacks and massacres in the Territory of Djugu, located at the geographical centre of Ituri. The security situation in and around Djugu deteriorated significantly and a series of violent attacks, massacres and villages burnings engulfed the area. The Djugu crisis forced over 100.000 people out of their homes, and hundreds have been killed.

This report presents the preliminary findings about the violence that struck Djugu Territory in the first half of 2018. It focuses on providing some historical background to the conflict and summarizes the 2018 violence qualitatively and quantitively, in order to give an initial in-depth assessment as to the rationales, dynamics and instigators of the violence. It also offers a set of recommendations for stabilization and peacebuilding efforts.

Download the English report: Reigniting Ituri? Towards a reading of the 2018 Djugu violence

Download the French report: Résurgence des violences en Ituri? La crise de Djugu de 2018

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