Policy Brief: Actions for Nature, People and Peace

Policy Brief: Actions for Nature, People and Peace

February 22, 2021

Joint letter from civil society organisation the UN Environment Assembly

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UNEA-5’s “Strengthening Actions for Nature to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals” theme is a unique opportunity to explore nature’s role in relation to peace and security. Nature is key for providing a healthy and productive environment, providing the conditions for safe and stable societies.

Disruption to nature can be particularly acute during armed conflicts, with both direct and long-term impacts on lives and livelihoods, and on the climate-resilience of affected states. Conflicts in biodiversity hotspots are commonplace and, by fracturing societies and weakening environmental governance, conflicts can create and sustain the conditions for environmental degradation that may extend for years beyond the cessation of hostilities.

Analysis and recommendation by PAX, ZOI Environment and CEOBS.

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