Meaningful participation of women and youth in local governance

  • Local (public) goods are tangible objects in the built environment (e.g. libraries, school buildings, parks, roads) that can be enjoyed by community residents.
  • Social accountability is an approach by which communities can act individually or collectively to create and participate in organizational and institutional arrangements to under- stand and control their government(s) – that is, hold government accountable.
  • Local governance (LG) refers to the way local decisions are made and implemented. This includes decisions regarding the prioritization, availability and delivery of local goods and services and ultimately – whether explicit or implicit – beneficiaries. LG is shaped by formal national, regional and local government policies and by informal interactions and relation- ships among various levels of government and local actors (e.g. local government, private sector, civil society, communities, traditional or religious leaders).
  • Gender-Based violence (GBV) refers to harmful acts committed against an individual based on their gender. GBV is rooted in gender inequality and the majority of victims are women. It includes, inter alia, rape, sexual and physical abuse and deprivation of resources, services and opportunities. (UNHCR., 2022)
  • Youth Parliament is the youth organization structure consisting of 132 members. The num- ber of members of parliament is divided by 12 to a special committee to examine the needs of young people and work with Palestinian Legislative Council side by side.

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