Le Droit de Connaître

Le Droit de Connaître

November 29, 2020

Vérité et Réconciliation en Ituri

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The PAX report ‘Le Droit du Connaitre’ (2012) tries to give an answer to the question whether the time is right to look back at the conflictive past in three of the four ‘Administrative Territories’ in Ituri (Congo). Are people at the local level willing to open up about the violent past, to bring their stories out in the open, and how would they be able to do that concretely?

A large majority of the population agrees to the importance of dialogues between communities. The report, however, also looks at the obstacles people encounter when they want to confront the violent past of Congo; for example the existing mutual distrust and the fact that the communities seem to have forgotten the root causes of the violence.

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