Exploiter (dans) le désordre

Exploiter (dans) le désordre

November 29, 2020

Cartographie sécuritaire du secteur aurifère à Mambasa occidental

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Chronic unsafety reigns in the west part of the Mambasa district in Ituri province, DRC. Between militias and semi autonomous troops of the Congolese army the civil population depends on artisanal mining of gold as a major source of income. The mining activities are hemmed in between the national reserve ‘Réserve de Faune Okapi’, where mining is prohibited and the concession of Canadian gold mining company Kilo Goldmines. This results in ruthless exploitation and severe violations of humans rights. PAX advocates demilitarisation of the zone and proper governance by the Congolese state. Regulating small scale mining activities of inhabitants and establishing local security committees in cooperation with religious and women’s organisations will lead to radical improvement.

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