Don’t Bank on the Bomb (2016)

Don’t Bank on the Bomb (2016)

November 29, 2020

A Global Report on the Financing of Nuclear Weapons

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PAX’s annual report Don’t Bank on the Bomb shows that banks, insurance companies and retirement funds are investing less and less in nuclear weapons producers.

This year´s report shows that eighteen financial institutions, managing more than 1.7 trillion euros, now prohibit investments in nuclear weapons producers. These institutions are prepared for the legal implications of a ban on nuclear weapons to be negotiated at the UN in 2017. Another 36 institutions have some form of limitation on such investments. But far too many institutions are still investing in nuclear weapons producers.

One hundred and twenty-three countries have said they want to ban nuclear weapons. In March 2017, negotiations will start on a new treaty to comprehensively ban nuclear weapons.

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