Acteurs de sécurité ou d’insécurité?

Acteurs de sécurité ou d’insécurité?

November 29, 2020

Rapport de l’etude de base effectuée en Ituri

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Report in French language about security situation in DR Congo

Those who have to bring security are ironically perceived as the most important actors of insecurity. 

This is one the findings of the Consortium for the Integrated Stabilization and Peace of Eastern DRC (CISPE), of which PAX is one of the main partners. Police, traditional chiefs, local structures, Peace Tribunals can play a role in security.

The population in Aru and Mahagi in Ituri province ask for more transparency and collaboration with the security actors. The increase in land conflicts in Ituri asks for better management of mediation and accessible and equal justice. Frequent attacks on villages result in a population suffering under a psychosis of fear: never knowing when and where the next attack will take place.

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