Conflicted Intelligence 


Conflicted Intelligence

26 February 2020

How universities can help prevent the development of lethal autonomous weapons

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The development of increasingly autonomous weapons has raised deep concerns and has triggered an international debate regarding the desirability of these weapons. Lethal autonomous weapons systems, popularly known as killer robots, would be able to select and attack individual targets without meaningful human control.

The new PAX report ‘Conflicted Intelligence’ focuses on universities and their potential contribution to the development of killer robots. Its goal is to inform the ongoing debate with illustrations of where and how university collaboration with the military could be controversial, and potentially could run the risk of contributing to the development of lethal autonomous weapons systems.

This report also aims to raise awareness of the issue more generally among students, university staff and the universities themselves. It is crucial that universities and their staff take steps to prevent any (unintentional) contribution to the development of lethal autonomous weapons. 

Download also the action kit Save your university from killer robots

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