Women in action towards peace and justice

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In South Sudan, peace organization PAX works with several organizations to strengthen women’s leadership skills and to raise their participation in political decision-making, peace initiatives, and in handling security issues. This program’s long-term objective is to make women’s lives safer and to increase their influence on political decision-making.

Over the past years, PAX has supported women that have contributed as peace leaders. In South Sudan, it is not straightforward that such roles are fulfilled by women Together with local partners, PAX seeks to facilitate an environment that makes it possible for women to stand up against injustice inflicted upon them. Still, sexual violence is being used as means of power or weapon in conflict. Too often, perpetrators go unpunished. Our partner organizations in South Sudan, with the support of PAX, succeeded in positioning women in more and more local courts. In the future, PAX seeks to continue this, also at a national level. 

Moreover, women fulfill an increasingly important role in the peace processes that PAX supports. Women are being trained to function as peace initiators and learn how to make a difference at a national and political level. PAX connects local women with national members of parliament and facilitates exchange. 

Activities & Results

Lobbying & Advocacy

With local organisations, we lobby leaders to influence policy in South Sudan and abroad. We lobby for the national and international gender frameworks to be adopted, used and respected by authorities, religious and traditional leaders. The objective is greater participation for women and attention for women’s safety issues.


We stimulate contact between women in local, national and regional leadership positions by promoting solidarity among women. We promote linkages and partnerships between local civil society organisations, potential women leaders, women within the government and security sector, etc.

Training courses and coaching

We help South Sudanese organizations working to increase women’s role in peace and security. We offer coaching and courses in practical skills such leadership skills and lobbying & advocacy. In training and coaching potential and existing women leaders, we increase opportunities for women in South Sudan to take part in political decision-making. We also work on increasing participation in and gaining better access to the security services.


Hilde van der Draai: vanderdraai@paxforpeace.nl 

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