Research & Advocacy

PAX aims at empowering the voices of South Sudanese individuals, activists and CSO’s towards peace & justice. This is done via advocacy training, coaching, provision of seed-grants and publications. PAX is linking local and national partners and activists to each other and to a wider national and international platform. 

To ensure evidence-based advocacy, PAX frequently develops research papers especially to reflect the voices of marginalized communities. See also the report “Voices of Malakal” in which perspectives of the various communities of Malakal and other key stakeholders are reflected on how peace and normalization can be restored so that displaced persons can return home. 

With support of PAX, the Concern Citizens Network for Peace (CCNP) analysed and documented 4 (provocative) perspectives to generate constructive discourse in the hope that it will shape the future trajectory of South Sudan. CCNP is a voluntary network comprising of South Sudanese members, including academia and directors of CSO’s. The network was founded for intellectual and analytical discourse, brainstorming and assessing trends in the country for the purpose of contributing to peace, development and stability.


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