Engaging youth to support peace dialogues in Burkina Faso

In central Burkina Faso, PAX works with local youth to bring traditional chiefs from different communities together to engage in peace talks. In the long term, the project contributes to reducing intercommunal conflict related to stigmatization and land use.

Ethnic Peul (Fulani) pastoralists tend to experience a sense of exclusion due to unequal access to land. Some are persuaded to take up arms with violent extremist organizations, leading to the stigmatization of entire Peul communities that are frequently targeted by armed civilians. Traditional leaders from both Peul and Mossi communities are able to break the cycle of violence by engaging in intercommunal peace dialogues.

Solidarity through dialogue
PAX’ partner organisation RAJS, a youth-led association, brings together chiefs from both Peul and Mossi communities in the province of Sanmatenga to discuss the root causes of conflict and agree on sustainable solutions. In a show of solidarity, Mossi and Peul chiefs subsequently team up in leading inclusive community dialogues in conflict-affected areas. Since the first series of dialogues, there have been multiple concrete achievements which PAX sustains through continuous support.

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