Arms Trade

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The arms trade can fuel ongoing conflicts and lead to serious human rights violations by repressive regimes and armed groups. Peace organisation PAX works towards stricter and more effective Dutch and international arms transfer controls. Since 2003 it has been an active member of the international Control Arms coalition committed to work towards a strong Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Since the adoption of the ATT in 2014, PAX and its coalition partners work towards strict implementation of the treaty.

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The Netherlands is one of the world’s top 10 arms suppliers, exporting warships and related electronic equipment, as well as aerospace components and surplus Ministry of Defence equipment. Despite export control systems at national and international (EU + ATT) levels, exports to controversial destinations still take place. Security and human rights concerns risk being dominated by economic and foreign policy interests.


Frank Slijper, Project Leader Arms Trade,

Activiteiten & resultaten

Dutch arms exports

PAX critically monitors Dutch arms exports. Through public campaigning and political advocacy we work towards stricter (implementation of) export controls, including for emerging technologies.

Control Arms and the Arms Trade Treaty

Control Arms is the international coalition of civil society organisations that has worked towards the Arms Trade Treaty, which was agreed in April 2013. More than one hundred civil society organisations throughout the world, including PAX, are part of Control Arms. This coalition continues to strive for a world where deadly weapons are kept out of the wrong hands.

In December 2014 the ATT entered into force and as of late 2019, 104 countries are States Parties; another 33 are signatories.

PAX continues to work towards the treaty’s universalisation and strong implementation.

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