Unrest and violence in Jerusalem

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October 10, 2022

In the past few days, there has once again been a great deal of unrest in and around Jerusalem. On Sunday 9 October, the Israeli army blocked access to parts of Jerusalem, including Anata and the Shuafat refugee camp. This was in response to the death of a female Israeli soldier after a shooting incident at the checkpoint on the road to Shuafat. Two other Israeli guards were also wounded.

The blockade meant that the Palestinian residents (about 130,000 in number) were unable to leave the area. Even ambulances or people who had to pay urgent visits to the hospital were not allowed through. Education has been suspended in East Jerusalem and shops are facing the threat of a shortage of food. On the Sunday night, various houses were searched and the relatives of suspects arrested. Local residents are now holding demonstrations, which are being violently supressed.

Silwan, another district in East Jerusalem, also experienced violence when a colonist shot with a gun, causing widespread panic among residents.

No access to the al-Aqsa mosque

In addition, thousands of Palestinians aged under forty have been detained at the access to the al-Aqsa mosque. In contrast, hundreds of Israeli colonists were allowed to enter the holy place during the Jewish feast of Sukkot. These colonists proceeded to perform rituals and prayers and walk around provocatively, causing the situation to escalate further still. 

This place will never be truly calm unless there is an end to the violations of human rights and international law. 

The situation in Jerusalem

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