Syria must be held accountable by the International Criminal Court

May 15, 2014

Pax, along with more than 100 civil society organisations from 45 countries, is appealing to the Security Council of the United Nations today, to bring the ‘Syrian case’ before the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The Security Council can allow this to happen by adopting a resolution submitted by France.

PAX has regularly pointed out the war crimes being committed in Syria over the past period. The Assad regime is starving its own people and randomly bombing residential areas. It also deliberately attacks civil targets such as hospitals and schools, or people queueing for bread.

Barrel bombs
The Netherlands initiated a UN meeting in New York yesterday, whereby special attention was paid to the use of barrel bombs in residential areas. Many of the attending countries confirmed this can be construed as a war crime.

Read the appeal by the civil society organisations.

Read the Syria Alert 12 in which PAX previously condemned the Assad regime and some armed opposition groups for using starvation as a weapon as this is a war crime.

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