Stop bombing civilians in Aleppo

Image: In Aleppo worden gewonden naar een ziekenhuis gebracht. Foto CC /

September 28, 2016

The Syrian Committee, Amnesty International and PAX ask you to join us in a demonstration against Russian and Syrian bombardments on Aleppo. On Friday September 30th at 1.00 PM in front of the Russian Embassy in The Hague.

We demand that Russian and Syrian governments stop the bombardments of civilian targets in Aleppo and in the rest of Syria. Russia and the Assad regime deliberately target civilians, aid workers, schools hospitals and other civilian targets.

With this peaceful protest we will show our solidarity with Syrian civilians and express our anger about the war crimes in Syria.

Stop bombing civilians in Aleppo!
Stop the sieges!
Stop war crimes!

Join us in the demonstration!

What? We show our solidarity with the inhabitants of Aleppo.
When? Friday September 30th
Where? At 1.00 PM at the Russian Embassy Andries Bickerweg 2, 2517 JP The Hague

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