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December 10, 2020

We must rid the Netherlands and the rest of the world of nuclear weapons! These weapons of mass destruction are designed to vaporise an entire city in one burning flash of light. Even if they are never used, the process around making them leaves a contaminating legacy for generations. And the consequences of an accident are incalculable. We need your help to continue our efforts to end nuclear weapons.

Yes, I want to help!

Now, there is a new milestone for us to celebrate. PAX has campaigned for years on nuclear weapons, and was closely involved in supporting the negotiations of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This treaty finally does what no other treaty has done before: it bans nuclear weapons without exception. From January 22, 2021, anything to do with making, having or using nuclear weapons will be illegal under international law. Together we can use this treaty to stop the nuclear weapons threat to our planet.

But we are not there yet. Did you know that the Netherlands has not yet signed the treaty? Did you know most Dutch people think it should? And did you know there are still nuclear warheads at Volkel in the province of North Brabant? This is absurd! The Dutch government said it supports a nuclear weapon free world but politics are stopping it from signing the nuclear weapons ban treaty. But weapons of mass destruction are not a matter for political games. By signing the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the Netherlands can help rid the world of these inhumane weapons and remove the American nuclear weapons from Dutch soil in a safe manner. It’s time for action!

What are we waiting for?

Anna Timmerman, PAX General Director said: “Many Dutch people don’t realise that the Netherlands still has nuclear weapons. These weapons are designed to kill an awful lot of people in one go. They are extremely dangerous, and, in January they’re illegal under international law, and that is why they must go.”

Help rid the world of nuclear weapons

We need your support to continue our work against nuclear weapons. That is why we are looking for 100 people each willing to contribute 1000 euros. Will you join this special club of people opposed to nuclear weapons? We will keep going until the Dutch government too bans nuclear weapons. Our campaigning demands perseverance. With your help, we will have that perseverance.

What PAX is doing

We will use your contribution to keep up the pressure on the Dutch government. PAX started the citizens’ initiative that forced the Netherlands to take part in the negotiations for this important treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons, as the only NATO country to do so. We confront large companies that invest in nuclear weapons and we start debates in the Dutch Parliament. Together with you, we helped bring about this important anti-nuclear-weapon treaty.

Yes, I want to help!

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