Recommendations PAX on South Sudan for ‘Addis’

February 17, 2014

In the second round of Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)-led negotiations, which will most likely start next Wednesday in Debre Zeit near Addis Ababa, it is critical to address the root causes of the conflict in South Sudan. This can only be done if the participation of all parties – including churches and civil society as independent actors – is ensured. PAX therefore recommends the following.

PAX calls upon the negotiators and international actors, like UNMISS (UN), USA, European Union and Norway, to aim for specific subjects to be taken up in the negotiations, and to provide the required long-term support to achieve them. Some of them should be very practical, such as logistic support to the ‘peace agents’ and information on the state of safety around their bases by UNMISS. Others need more long-term effort, such as the reform of the national army and police.

The church-led Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation should get all possible support for their work. The ‘Addis process’ should also lead to the formation of a broad, inclusive coalition interim government with the mandate to facilitate a national political dialogue on protections of civilians, truth and reconciliation, constitution-making and the task for preparing national elections.

Read the PAX recommendations to adress the immediate challenges and long-term effort to end the cycle of violence in South Sudan.

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