Petition ‘There is no military solution to violent extremism’

Image: In April 2015, four year-old Saif and his mother Muntaher finally came home to Husseini, in the northern Diyala region of Iraq, after being displaced. The home was largely destroyed Photo ©

November 24, 2015

Political and peacebuilding processes which solve the real issues of inclusive governance, meet people’s needs, and guaranty real security for all, are more effective than military interventions and bombing in reducing and ending violent extremism and terror.

That is the main message of a statement made by organisations and citizens from around the world. It is a call for a new, effective and responsible approach to overcome violent extremism and terrorism.

The statement was made after a three day seminar in The Netherlands, co-organised by PAX. Participants were social activists from Syria and Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. Among the first groups who signed the petition are human rights groups from Tunesia, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Iraq.  

The eight demands for which the petition seeks support are:

  1. Direct, sustained and committed efforts to bring an end to all wars, military occupations, invasions everywhere.
  2. Actively promote respect for people’s beliefs and diversity
  3. Promote quality and public education and access to culture
  4. Promoting inclusive governance and human rights
  5. Overcome poverty
  6. Address global injustice
  7. Rights-based bilateral relations
  8. End trading in death


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