Peace and the city

December 1, 2015

PAX, the Union of Dutch Cities and the cities of Barcelona and Bogota have initiated a new peace prize. The prize will be awarded once every three years to a local government or a local coalition distinguishing itself with dealing with conflicts or peace work. The official name of the award is ‘UCLG City of Bogota Peace Prize’.

More than often the role of local governments in peace processes is underestimated or overlooked. But their effectiveness can be significant. The fact alone that local authorities maintain a standard in services for civilians under difficult circumstances and offer alternatives for violence and conflict is highly commendable. Therefore, the international cooperation of local governments UCLG, that consists of 240,000 cities, 175 local government cooperations in 140 countries has decided to initiate the peace award.

The UCLG City of Bogota Peace Prize will for the first time be awarded in October 2016. The nominated candidates will be assessed by an expert jury. The winner receives a modest sum of 20,000 Euros, intended to strengthening the peace work and to transfering knowledge to other local governments in the same situation.

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