Peace activism after Gaza

October 9, 2014

Israeli peace activists from the Peace NGO Forum issued a statement after the last Gaza war. They underline the need for a peace process but suggest a new approach. The old approach departs from the idea that the ‘partners’ together have to find a solution while the US facilitates the process. This approach has proven a failure numerous times.

PAX works closely together with the Peace NGO Forum, a Forum of Israeli and Palestinian peace organisations. Together they form a network and develop activities to support each other.

What’s new?
The activists state that first and for all an internationally recognised Palestinian state should come into being. This will lead to a situation in which two states negotiate. The international community should take a firm role in the solution to the conflict. For neighbouring countries it is necessary to know what the borders are. The Israeli committee therefore call upon the international community and especially the UN Security Council to clearly fix the borders between the two states, based on the pre 1967 demarcation line.

In negotiations the two states could definitively agree on the borders based on security needs and demographic developments. The document calls upon the international community to actively support the Arab Peace Initiative (2002) and to engage in dialogue with Hamas while using the formulated principles of recognition of the state of Israel, denouncing the use of violence and accepting former agreements.

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