PAX tells Russian representative to stop bombing Aleppo

September 30, 2016

As part of the global day of rage for Aleppo, PAX director Freek Landmeter, together with the directors of the Dutch chapter of Amnesty International and the Syrian Committee, met with the First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in The Hague.

The three organizations emphasized the urgency of an immediate halt to the bombing of civilian targets that are currently taking place in Aleppo. Outside the embassy, around 250 people took part in a demonstration.

PAX director Landmeter later told the demonstrators about the death of Ibrahim, the custodian of a school in Aleppo run by a PAX partner organization. He was killed when a bomb was dropped on the school while he was trying to move the children to safety.

The directors of Amnesty International, the Syrian Committee, and Save the Children also spoke to the demonstrators.

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