PAX selected as strategic partner

Image: Mede dankzij PAX staan de slachtoffers van Colombiaanse bloedkolen hoog op de politieke agenda. Foto © Ronald de Hommel / PAX

February 5, 2015

PAX has been selected as a strategic partner of the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The peace organisation submitted an application together with Amnesty International within the scope of ‘lobby and advocacy’, and today received the good news that it has been given A status, thus making it certainly eligible for selection. This will enable PAX to continue to work for peace and security in the future, together with its partners in conflict-affected areas and involved citizens in the Netherlands.

In the status assessment received by PAX and Amnesty International today, the ministry writes: ‘The Freedom from Fear’ proposal is a professional, qualitatively good proposal by an existing alliance, which can form the basis for cooperation in a strategic partnership. This proposal offers potential for a solid and effective partnership which can contribute to sustainable and structural change within particularly troublesome contexts and conflict-affected areas.’

“We are naturally delighted that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs recognises both the urgency of peace and security and the quality and relevance of the PAX activities”, says Managing Director Jan Gruiters in an initial reaction. “In many parts of the world, peace and security is under pressure or is even completely lacking. The strategic partnership with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs enables us to continue to work towards a dignified existence and peaceful society, together with our partners in conflict-affected areas and with involved citizens in the Netherlands.” It is not yet known how much financing PAX is to receive and to what degree PAX will consequently be able to continue its work.

Tens of thousands of people
PAX stands for peace, and brings people together who have the courage to stand up for peace. Ever since its establishment as Pax Christi and IKV in 1945 and 1966, respectively, PAX’s peacebuilding work has been supported by involved citizens in the Netherlands and by many domestic and foreign institutional financiers. The Dutch government has also supported PAX in its work for many decades. Upon application for the MFS II co-financing programme, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs awarded PAX the highest possible number of points.

Each year during the Peace Week, PAX mobilises tens of thousands of people – young and old – who dare to stand up for peace together with the peace organisation and its partners in conflict-affected areas. Over the years, our campaigns have been able to depend upon more and more people expressing a need for peace.

Peaceful activists
In recent years, PAX has assisted in initiating a dialogue between people on all sides of the conflicts in the DR Congo, (South) Sudan, Iraq, Kosovo and Israel and Palestine, has supported peaceful activists in Syria and has not forgotten the surviving relatives and victims of the genocide in Srebrenica. Thanks to PAX, among others, cluster munitions and land mines are prohibited, a prohibition on nuclear weapons is a matter of time, the victims of Columbian blood coal are at the top of the political agenda, and the protection of civilians is increasingly recognised as a vital criterion during military interventions.

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