PAX presents international guidelines for prohibtions on investments in cluster munitions

April 8, 2014

Tuesday PAX presented a report in Geneva on international prohibitions on investments in cluster munitions. The peace organisation did this during a meeting of states that are part of the historical Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM). With this report PAX aims to put investments in cluster munitions producers on the agenda. PAX calls on states to prohibit this type of investments. Using examples of existing prohibitions on investments the peace organisation aims to make it easier for states to develop effective legislation.

Sharply condemns
In Geneva the participating states are discussing the progress of the international bans on cluster munitions and landmines. Recently there was news that cluster munitions were used in South Sudan. Both the South Sudanese government, as well as the opposition and Uganda (that offers military support) denied any involvement. In Syria government cluster munitions use is ongoing, despite strong condemnations. The International Campaign to Ban Landmines, of which PAX is a part, reported that Russia might have used landmines in Crimea. PAX advocates for states to call for investigations and to condemn any use of these weapons anywhere in the world.

Perfect investment ban
Up to now nine countries have adopted legislation banning investments in cluster munitions. As of the 1st of January 2013 there is a ban in the Netherlands on direct and demonstrable investment in cluster munitions producers by Dutch financial institutions.

The perfect Investments ban does not exist (yet). Although not all of these existing bans are detailed enough and/or contain exceptions that weaken the law, they do all contain strong elements.The report ‘States Banning Investments in Cluster Munitions Producers; national legislation‘ that PAX presented today, shows the positive elements of the different investment prohibitions. It looks at strong components in disinvestment laws in order to encourage other states to create comprehensive legislation to ban all forms of investments in cluster munitions producers.

Not logical
Globally there is still a lot of money going to cluster munitions producers. The Convention on Cluster Munitions prohibits the use, stockpiling, transport, production of cluster munitions as well as assistance with prohibited acts. According to PAX, the international Cluster Munitions Coalition and a growing number of states this means that also investments in the producers of these weapons are prohibited. No money means no production.

No longer allow
Besides the nine countries where legislation has been adopted there are currently more than 25 countries that have declared that investments in cluster munitions are no longer allowed or that they interpret the Convention on Cluster Munition to include a ban on investments in cluster munitions.

Report States Banning Investments in Cluster Munitions Producers; national legislation
Charts States banning investments in cluster munitions – charts

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