Online exhibition: Life on the West Bank

March 17, 2021

The daily life of most Palestinians can be summarized as one big, chronic, humanitarian crisis. That is why PAX is working together with partners in the Palestinian West Bank on a project called Palestinian Resilience which supports women and girls, men and boys who stand up for themselves.

This photo reportage shows how the communities live, how the project supports them and where they find the strength to continue.

An important part of the project is setting up protection groups. These are started up by the villagers and are a reflection of the community itself. Everyone is free to join: young and old, men and women.

These protection groups don’t only take the lead during the project, but stay intact after the project ends to serve as a form of governance. Therefore, besides the specific priorities tackled by the villagers, the project has a long-term positive effect as well.

The villagers decide what the biggest problems are in their village and make an effort to improve them, whether this means paving roads, building a clinic or a covering roof for the local playground. The resilience project supports these projects, as much as possible, through supervision and small financial contributions.

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