New publication: Scrutiny of South Sudan’s Oil Industry

May 6, 2014

PAX, lead agency for the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS), has published the study ‘Scrutiny of South Sudan’s Oil Industry’. Based on fieldwork between 2010 – 2012, it provides analysis on community – oil company relations, labour practices in the sector, and on impact of the industry on local land use patterns in South Sudan.

The objective of this report was to inform government policies and regulations, and suggest improvements for petroleum sector practice in order to reduce tensions between the oil companies and local communities. In the current conflict in South Sudan, the fight for control over the oil fields and key towns in the petroleum producing states has once again cost many innocent lives and continues to inflict immense human suffering. Besides that, the insecurity caused oil production to fall dramatically. This jeopardises future production and the viability of the sector, and by that, the economic viability of the entire country. Petroleum revenues should be used to develop the country and build a viable, democratic South Sudan.

When the conflict is brought to an end, the petroleum sector again forms the backbone with which to build a viable state. That state then is responsible to make sure the sector is managed for the benefit of the people. This report gives guidance on specific social aspects on how to realise that.

European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS)
ECOS was established in 2001 by a large group of European organizations working for peace and justice in Sudan and now South Sudan. It is hosted by PAX. ECOS calls upon governments and the business sector to ensure that oil wealth contributes to peace and equitable development.

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