New PAX publication showing impact on hospitals from use of explosive weapons in Ukraine

Image: Bron: Google Maps en Twitter

March 31, 2022

From the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine PAX has been monitoring the impact of the violence on civilians and their environment. We monitor media and social media reports, and use geolocation and satellite images for verification.  

In this publication we highlight the impact of the war on healthcare, one of many aspects of civilian harm from the bombing and shelling of Ukrainian towns in the first month of the Russian invasion. The war has a deep impact on the healthcare system and the conditions under which medical personnel have to operate. This impact includes damage to hospital buildings and equipment, personnel fleeing or inability to visit their patients because of the violence, but also damage to water facilities, electricity and communication networks. 

This publication lists locations where medical facilities have been damaged in the recent fighting. Undoubtedly more information will surface that will add to this non-exhaustive list. We welcome any input, feedback and collaboration on this topic. 

Read the publication Impact on healthcare from bombing and shelling in Ukraine here. 



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