New General Director PAX

November 25, 2019

Anna Timmerman has been named as PAX’s new General Director.

She will assume the role as of 1 January 2020, and will succeed Jan Gruiters who recently stepped down after nearly twenty years leading PAX. Timmerman was director of the Dutch branch of Human Rights Watch.

Peace work
Marieke de Wal, chair of PAX’s Supervisory Board, is pleased. “With Anna we are getting an enthusiastic director who has extensive knowledge and experience in our sector. She has a clear vision of what peace work entails, and a large network, both in the Netherlands and abroad. I am confident that Anna will position PAX in this turbulent world in an inspiring way.”

Timmerman looks forward to her new role. “PAX is an interesting and influential organization that has a great deal of knowledge in the field of controversial weapons, the arms trade and the helping societies be more inclusive. I look forward to helping PAX grow, together with partners and employees, and to increasing PAX’s visibility. In the current political climate, I think it is very important to speak out about the exclusion of minorities and how we can support civil activism, both in the Netherlands and in countries far away.”

Anna Timmerman studied history at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on the recent history of the Middle East and North Africa. After her studies she led trips to the Middle East. In 2001, she started as a programme coordinator for Humanity in Action, where she eventually became director. In 2009, she founded the Dutch branch of Human Rights Watch and was that organization’s first director. For the past two years, Timmerman has worked as a consultant for funds and charities such as Refugee Company and Lawyers for Lawyers.

As of January 1, PAX’s management will consist of General Director Anna Timmerman, Director of Programmes Miriam Struyk and Organization Director Radboud van Delft. As the largest peace organization in the Netherlands, PAX works on peace in 14 conflict areas where there is active warfare or where society has been disrupted after years of violence. PAX has 130 employees.


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