Live Event: ‘BEIRUT 6:07 Alive Ashes’

May 31, 2021

Almost a year after the deadly explosion in Beirut, PAX and it’s Lebanese partner-organisation MAAN present the new book: ‘Beirut 6:07, Alive Ashes’, an impressive collection of the stories of 214 victims who brutally lost their lives in the explosion that shook Beirut on the afternoon of August 4, 2020, at 6:07 PM. 

The book, written and produced by socio-economic justice initiative MAAN with support of PAX, is the thorough documentation of the stories, lives and deaths of the 214 people who’ve lost their lives during the explosion. This collection is a commemoration of the victims, aiming to keep their memories alive and to remind and urge decision makers and politicians to bring truth justice for the sake of the victims and their loved-ones, and for everyone affected by this man-made disaster. 

Book launch livestream

The official launch will take place at June 4th at 18:30 in Beirut (Dutch time 17:30) and will be live-streamed on zoom and YouTube. The event will be livestreamed with translation option (Arabic-English). It will be an important moment to honor the victims and to encourage a quest to uncover the whole truth about everyone involved in the storage of the dangerous goods, leading to the explosion, to deliver justice, and present charges and evidence against the guilty (despite their official ranking) and to seek financial and moral compensation for the loss and distress caused by this horrendous crime.

Watch a video of the book launch at The August 4th Beirut explosion shall not be forgotten.

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