Less Syrians to Lebanon

Image: Een Syrische vluchteling in een kamp in de Bekaa vallei. Foto © IRIN

January 6, 2015

Ever since Syria and Lebanon were established as nations, residents have been able to travel freely between the two countries. But on Monday, for the first time, Lebanon implemented restrictions on its border. George Ghali, Program Officer for the Non-Governmental Organization, ALEF, a human rights organisation which partners with PAX, is involved in the discussion about the new measures of the Libanese to restrict access to Syrians.

Syrian refugees hoping to enter Lebanon now have to show proof of their purpose and length of stay. Those who want to move for work will have to be sponsored by a Lebanese individual or company. Exceptions will only be made for pressing humanitarian reasons. On a population of about 4 million inhabitants more than 1 million are Syrian refugees. To provide housing and work has become increasingly difficult. On Al Jazeera TV english edition Ghali discusses with Sami Nader – Professor of International Relations and Economics at St. Joseph University and Director of the Levant Institute for Strategic Affairs. Khalil Gebara – Head of the Good Governance Unit, Office of the President of Council of Ministers, Republic of Lebanon.


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