I am Sana from Baghdad

August 4, 2020

My family, my friends and I used to have a happy life. We traveled together and lived freely.



My life turned into hell once I took the bonds of marriage. They were bonds with no escape.

We had three daughters, which made my life even more bitter, as I didn’t give birth to the boy the family wished for.

My husband served in the military, and it was easy for him to hit me and humiliate me. I endured his cruelty with my daughters for 11 years, as I was afraid of confronting him. He used to beat me violently and brutally until I passed out. He would pull me by my hair, without mercy. He even forced me to do inappropriate things during sex, threatening to divorce me if I did not obey.

In addition to his frequent infidelities, we lived in poverty, so I would turn to my family for financial support. When I shared my suffering with my family, and told them I wanted a divorce, they were unfair to me and biased towards him because of our social customs and traditions. They refused the idea of a divorce, because a divorced woman is despised and marginalized. There was no point in sharing my concerns with them. I endured the insults and humiliation of my mother-in-law in order in order not to damage the family’s reputation. I didn’t want my family to break down.

I didn’t have the courage to file a complaint against my husband. In my society, it would be a shameful and indecent matter. I am a prisoner of this awful reality. I have no choice but to yield to my destined tragedies and sufferings!

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