Flight MH17: PAX: avoid further suffering

Image: Malaysian Airlines . Fotocredit Wiki Commons

July 21, 2014

Peace organisation PAX is deeply shocked by the tragedy that struck the passengers and crew of flight MH17. We convey our condolences to the families of the deceased who so totally unexpectedly have been affected by the war in Ukraine.

We hope that the Dutch, international and local authorities will do everything possible to effectuate a rapid and respectful repatriation of the victims.

This terrible crash brings the conflict in Ukraine very close to us. The reactions of authorities  and armed groups in and around Ukraine are disturbing. Illustrative of the chaos around the investigation are the difficulties encountered while recovering the victims. This is not just a local conflict, but a conflict that touches on geopolitical issues.

PAX is worried about the deep divide within Europe and hopes that this disaster will be an impetus to all relevant authorities to prevent any  further suffering, both among the many innocent and willing citizens of Ukraine and beyond.
As a peace organisation we will in close cooperation with concerned people  advocate and work for a non-violent, political solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

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