First conference to promote youth participation in Syrian civil society

Image: Photo Kulluna Muwatunun - Syria

April 20, 2016

Last weekend Beit Mandela organised the first youth conference in Qamishli in the North East of Syria as part of PAX’s Kulluna Muwatinun (We Are All Citizens) programme. The conference brought together young people representing diverse communities and coming from nine different cities. During two days, they discussed the reality of young people in Syria, their role to participate in civil society and decision making and they also identified their role to promote peace?

More than 60 young men and women from the region gathered to discuss the realities facing youth in the current situation in Syria. It was an opportunity for young people from diverse cities and from different communities to meet each other and discuss issues they are facing and foresee the role that youth can play in promoting freedom and peace. Representatives of local organizations came to discuss the role and importance of participation of young people to civil society and a debate was organized with representatives of local authorities. This conference is the first step to promote the participation of youth in local decision making processes.

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