European parliament for killer robot ban

Image: Stemming over de killer robot resolutie in het Europese Parliament

September 12, 2018

The European parliament has adopted a resolution calling for a ban on fully autonomous weapons, also known as killer robots.

With this vote, European representatives are sending an important signal in the effort to maintain human control over weapons systems.

Killer robots are weapons systems which can choose and attack a target without human intervention. PAX is highly concerned about the development of these types of weapons and calls for an international ban. In 2014, the European parliament called for a ban on the development, production and use of lethal autonomous weapons which can attack without human intervention.

The new resolution deals more specifically with concerns about these weapons and the need for drawing a clear line. “The voice of the European parliament is important in the international debate,” says PAX’s Daan Kayser. “At the UN talks in Geneva this past August it was clear that most European countries see the need for concrete measures. A European parliament resolution will add to the momentum toward the next step.”

PAX and the EU
In cooperation with other NGO’s in the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, PAX is working toward an international ban. In 2017, PAX published the report Keeping Control presenting the various standpoints on killer robots taken by European countries. In addition, we work with other European peace organizations to organize up local activities such as public debates and parliamentary meetings. 

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