EU risks making things worse in Lebanon

Image: Cover van het rapport Trapped in Lebanon

July 7, 2017

In its partnership with Lebanon, the European Union´s focus on security and stopping the flow of refugees to Europe may actually make the security and human rights situation in Lebanon worse.

In a new policy brief, PAX and Lebanese partner organization Act for Human Rights (ALEF) call on the EU and Lebanon to prioritise reinforcing the rule of law, abolishing the death penalty, torture prevention and refugee protection as essential for promoting security in Lebanon and Europe.

On the 18 July, the EU-Lebanon Association Council will convene, and in the coming months, the EU and Lebanon will agree on more detailed plans for the implementation of their partnership for the coming years. PAX and ALEF consider this an opportunity to correct the partnership’s focus and reinforce human rights as an essential element in cooperation between EU and Lebanon.

Human rights are an essential element in the cooperation between the EU and Lebanon. ALEF and PAX urge the EU and EU member states to do their fair share towards protecting refugees by increasing resettlement slots for Syrians and providing other safe and legal routes to Europe. Furthermore, ALEF and PAX urge the EU and Lebanon to adopt a clear framework for consultation with civil society and a clear action plan for implementation to which all parties can be held accountable.

Please read the full policy brief here.

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