Easter message from Bishop Paride Taban

April 13, 2017

“Every test in our lives makes us bitter or better. Every problem breaks us or makes us. The choice is ours; whether we become victims or victorious,” writes Bishop Paride Taban.

During the celebration of Easter, our journey through life comes powerfully together. It is a primordial story of hope.

Irrepressibly called to bring the message of peace, Bishop Paride Taban shares with us his message of hope from the middle of his tormented country of South Sudan. For most of his life, he has known war. Yet, undaunted, he has furthered peace and justice in a world of violence. He founded the Peace Village Kuron, growing out of his vision for a peaceful society for all people. Easter tells of journey, suffering, death, but ends with the joy of living for one another. This is Bishop Taban´s peace village in South Sudan. An example of tenacity, belief in resurrection and a new beginning.

PAX wishes all of our partners and supporters a joyous Easter. 

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