Beirut explosion comes on top of already enormous problems

August 5, 2020

Like the rest of the world, PAX is shocked by the devastating events in Beirut, Lebanon. We are in close contact with our friends and partners. Our hearts and thoughts go out to them, and all people in Lebanon, affected by this terrible disaster.

Yesterday, the end of the afternoon, an enormous explosion in the port of Beirut shocked the country and the world. An enormous blast sent shockwaves through the city and could be felt far outside Beirut, devastating large parts of the city. The chaos is enormous and hospitals are struggling to cope with the wounded.

Devastation in the midst of multiple crises

This disaster is coming at a moment when Lebanon is going through a political, economic and COVID-19 crisis, pushing the country even further to the brink. Hunger is everywhere in Lebanon, inflation is flying high, the middle class evaporates and the already poor are starving. Refugees and migrants are being hit the hardest and the COVID crisis only makes things worse. All of this comes on top of the already existing widespread corruption and a shrinking space for activists. Read our recent blog on the situation and how PAX works in the country.


For direct support to the people of Lebanon, please consider a donation to the Lebanese red cross.

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