After more than a half a century conflict in Colombia, in 2016 a Peace Agreement was signed by the government and the FARC, the largest guerrilla group in the country. The agreement includes addressing the underlying causes of the conflict (such as poverty, marginalization, insecurity, and impunity), as well as a comprehensive system of transitional justice, aimed at fulfilling the rights of nearly 8 million Colombian victims to truth, justice, reparations and guarantees of non-repetition.

PAX currently develops initiatives to support victims of the armed conflict and their organizations in three specific regions of the Cesar, Meta and Cauca departments. Specifically, PAX works on topics such as land restitution, collective reparations, enforced disappearance, and promoting dialogue for reconciliation. In doing so, PAX has established partnerships with both the Truth Commission and the Peace Tribunal (Special Jurisdiction Peace).

Nationally: promoting victims participation in transitional justice

PAX has signed MoU's with the Truth Commission and the Peace Tribunal, two mechanisms of the transitional justice system that resulted from the Peace Agreement. Via these commitments we seek to promote the participation of victims in transitional justice processes, by accompanying victims and their organizations in their engagements with these institutions. PAX advocates for the participation of victims in truth finding and restorative justice.

Locally: support and capacity building

PAX supports local communities and victims’ organizations in their search for reconciliation dialogues, truth finding, reparations, and with capacity building and legal and psychosocial accompaniment.


Supporting Victims in Colombia

In Colombia peace organisation PAX offers support to victims of the armed conflict and their families. In particular, we seek to increase the capacity of victims’ organisations from the Cesar, Cauca and Meta (Macarena) regions to push for the implementation of their rights. Furthermore, in the Cauca region PAX accompanies the reintegration of former (guerrilla) combatants from indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities, who – after the signing of the Peace Agreement – are expected to return to their communities of origin.
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Mining and conflict in Colombia

Mining activities have been going on in conflict or high-risk areas leading to adverse impacts on human rights. In Colombia, PAX works together with local communities and victims' organizations in the Cesar department to address these impacts, improve the security situation and promote dialogue between different actors in the region.
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