South Sudan

PAX's South Sudan programme aims at dialogue between the various population groups in South Sudan and between the governments and their citizens.

In 2005, Sudan signed a comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) with the southern part of the country. PAX watched over the implementation of the agreements made and spread CPA alerts. On 9 January 2011, a majority of the population in the south of Sudan voted for an independent South Sudan. A half year later, the Republic of South Sudan came into existence.

Oil played an important role in the conflict between Sudan and South Sudan. That is why we and the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS) work to ensure that oil extraction in South Sudan contributes to peace and sustainable development. For more information on this these check out the page on resources and conflict.


Kuron Peace Village in South Sudan

Kuron Peace Village was founded by Bishop Paride Taban to unite the population in the area and set an example of peaceful cohabitation in war-torn South Sudan.
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Foto Sara Ketelaar

South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya: Peace dialogue and reconciliation

PAX has co-founded a network of organisations and churches in South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. Pax supports partners in facilitating peace dialogue between rivalling communities and the government to promote peace, security and collaboration.
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Peace & Sports

This peace programme in the borderlands of South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya uses sports to bring together rivalling groups and break the cycle of violence.
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Women as Leaders & Political Participants in South Sudan

In South Sudan, peace organisation PAX works with several organisations to strengthen women's leadership skills and to raise their participation in political decision-making and in handling security issues. This programme's long-term objective is to make women's lives safer and to increase their influence on political decision-making.
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Human Security Survey South Sudan

The Human Security Survey (HSS) is a survey methodology developed by PAX which includes a series of complementary activities, including population-based research, community engagement, and advocacy.
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Women and Girls for Change: Building sustainable peace and gender equality in South Sudan

The Women and Girls for Change: Building sustainable peace and gender equality in South Sudan programme strives towards an empowering and inclusive environment where women and girls feel safe and are enabled to realise their rights and opportunities to play a significant role towards sustainable peace in South Sudan.
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peace table

Peace from Below: Women Peace Tables in Bentiu, South Sudan

Women led local dialogue groups, known as peace tables, in Bentiu work together and facilitate dialogues to bring the Nuer community together and improve relations between those living in the Protection of Civilians site and those living in town.
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