Sustaining Relative Peace

Sustaining Relative Peace

November 29, 2020

PAX and the cross-border peace network’s support for human security among pastoralist communities in the borderlands of Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda

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In June 2016, PAX and partners came together in Naivasha, Kenya, to reflect on ten years of cross-border peace work in the borderlands of South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, one of PAX’s longest-standing peacebuilding programmes. Over the course of three days, we discussed a broad array of subjects, from the most relevant shifts in context and key moments in the development of the programme, to peacebuilding methodologies and the main successes and challenges. Immediately afterwards, we reflected upon the same issues in a two-day meeting together with authorities and security actors from the three countries in Kapoeta, South Sudan. This report is the outcome.

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