We took back the initiative!

October 28, 2019

Thousands of people are taking to the streets in Lebanon. They want change. Fed up with the corruption and inequality, people are responding to recently announced reforms and taxes. PAX has been working in Lebanon since 2003, in close collaboration with partners, activists and friends. PAX’s Pim Gerritsen is in Lebanon following the developments. He spoke once again with Taha Naji in Tripoli.

Hi Taha, how did it go today in Tripoli?
Great! Things were much better today. As I told you yesterday, we were worried that the protests were being depoliciticized, and that people were only coming to the square to party. We were concerned that the space to really let our voices hear was being censored and occupied. Today was different, fortunately.

Great to hear! What happened?!
Well, we decided, among friends and activists, to hold a ‘revolution workshop’. We set up a few tents and put out paper, markers and stuff to be creative with. We invited people to draw or write their demands and messages.



Yes, sounds nice. How did people respond?

It was amazing! I got the feeling we were really able to take back the initiative. Many people were holding signs and came by. They praised the initiative and started going back to the streets again. It encouraged people to come and stay the whole day. There were discussions attended by large numbers of people.

I am really, really happy about this.

Great to hear! Hope you can keep up this spirit in the next few days. Let’s keep in touch!

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